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bokeh day

Yesterday was a little frustrating. I was planning on doing a complex shooting involving 3 light sources and a piano. Well, it didn’t turn out well. To be more precise – it didn’t turn out near anything worth showing.

Unfortunately there was no time today to try it again. Therefore today is bokeh day.

I wanted to keep this for the beginning of Mardi Gras (those are original New Orleanean beads) but it seems that this year Mardi Gras starts a little bit earlier.

Universities are closed today and a big parade is planned for tomorrow. You know why!!!!

2 Kommentare

  1. Robert Dorigo
    Erstellt am 09/02/2010 um 23:43 | Permanent-Link

    Who dat!!!

  2. Alex Holzknecht
    Erstellt am 10/02/2010 um 14:35 | Permanent-Link

    Once again I like the cropped image on the frontpage even better then the full pic.

    Should I change it? I’m not sure. What’d you say?

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