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This is a very special picture for me: it’s my 100th publication on flickr. I know, this is not a whole lot.

I’m on flickr since I take pictures with my Sony-DSLR,  starting in June 2009. Which means I’m publishing pictures for 10 months now. 10 pictures per month is still not very impressive. But I rarely publish more than one picture at a time and mostly there is a lot of post processing behind every picture.

Today I wanted to “celebrate” the 100th shot, that’s how I came up with the car shot.

Strobist Info:
blue gel’d YN460 from steering-wheel right, shot taken from steering wheel left
(Don’t ask – especially not if you’re a highway patrol trooper! :D)

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  1. jamespXgretchen
    Erstellt am 14/03/2010 um 20:50 | Permanent-Link

    happy anniversary!

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