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the nightwatch sessions 4

same idea, different night, different perspective … I think I am getting obsessed of catching living shadows with the camera :)

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  1. Erstellt am 06/05/2010 um 22:17 | Permanent-Link

    for me this is by far the best one out of the nightwatch sessions!

  2. stefan
    Erstellt am 07/05/2010 um 21:49 | Permanent-Link

    really? everybody says something different. but I like it too. one is still waiting to be published (the last one) …

  3. stefan
    Erstellt am 07/05/2010 um 21:50 | Permanent-Link

    why do you like this one most?

  4. stefan
    Erstellt am 07/05/2010 um 21:52 | Permanent-Link

    fuck! there is no edit function for mistakes

  5. Erstellt am 12/05/2010 um 12:37 | Permanent-Link

    hmm … tough question … maybe because it’s less concrete, more abstract. You can’t be a hundred percent sure what it is you’re watching. There’s more space for “mental cinema”.
    Also the colors are very “homogeneous” – there’s nothing that could distract you.

    As said before – very tough question! :)

    I also like the last one – maybe for the same reasons?

    (Btw: if you’re logged in there SHOULD be an Edit function …)

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