© 2010 . All rights reserved. We bring Oil to American Shores

We bring Oil to American Shores

I still don’t know if I find the PR-Champain around the Deepwater Horizon oil spill of BP disgusting or straightforward.

I watched the CEO-Spot and right after that saw the terrifying Pictures at The Big Picture Boston

I mean there are 10(!) live streams on the BP-Homepage where you can watch the oil flowing in the ocean in real time. What’s the
use for that? Seems to me as marketing to keep the damage for the shareholder-value as low as possible. If BP would have cared a
bit more in the first place, they would have had an easier job presenting themself as a clean and responsible company.

’bout the picture itself, well i did a lot of editing (draft) and still there are a lot of things that bother me
ie I couldn’t get the shadows right.

Greenpeace UK started a BP Logo Redesign Competition, I was bold enough to use two of those logos (Logo, Logo on the bottle)
they really grape up the image.

The lesson I learned from this little project: the less time you invest in taking the picture the more time you will spent editing it.

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  1. stefan
    Erstellt am 06/06/2010 um 14:47 | Permanent-Link

    haha – vanf style

  2. Alex
    Erstellt am 07/06/2010 um 02:29 | Permanent-Link

    I really LOVE what you did here!
    Great result! And don’t worry too much about the shadows – the impression is still really, really good. I would maybe think of adding ANY shadow to the frog’s feet – not necessarily a realistic one but just something to give the poor little cutie-pie a “base”.

    What I highly dislike is the according text. But maybe we should try to work this out in a face-to-face discussion during one of our next gatherings? ;)

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