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Recently this project is really getting tough for me. I’m totally lacking motivation and inspiration. Maybe the order of my priorities has changed … but maybe I’m also a little trapped with photography.

It was easy to take pictures in the beginning: there was something new to learn everyday!
It was easy to take pictures during my stay in the USA: there was something exciting to shoot every other day.
It was easy to take pictures when I started with speedlights: again – something new to learn every time I shot.

Of course, I’m far from being done with learning. But the basics are done and it’s getting hard to improve with every shoot. Especially as it would take a lot of time, preparation and help to do the upcoming shootings I’ve planned. Unfortunately I’m lacking all three of them.

As a consequence I’m barely shooting anything.

At least the picture of today is something out of my “idea-notebook” and today felt like the right day to accomplish it. It wasn’t too much effort – what you see is an OOC-file shot as B/W-jpeg. Easy going…

Ps: Sorry for being late with uploading the stuff. But – you know – with all the world cup going on at the moment …

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  1. vanf
    Erstellt am 14/06/2010 um 10:22 | Permanent-Link

    great shot, what a sweet DoF, and i like the tilt of the image

    I have sort of the same problem myself: the lack of inspiration but
    I still hope that’s temporarily!

    After all that was my main goal to start a 365 project to overcome the inner temptation which I experienced so many times in over hobbies.

    • Erstellt am 15/06/2010 um 00:40 | Permanent-Link

      The thing that worries me a bit ist that “Blende 3″ was initiated to prevent me exactly from such a phase …

      Maybe I’m even better off now compared to not having something like Blende 3. Maybe otherwise I’d've ceased photography completely?

      Let’s hope this mutual project will give us enough motivation to overcome this rock bottom.

      Thank you so much for your comment – I appreciate it a lot and it gives me the feeling of not producing pointless crap all the time! :D

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