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public viewing 3 – deuuutschlaaand, deutschlaaand

1:0 over ghana – and berlin is transformed into a big party. what will happen if they beat england?

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  1. vanf
    Erstellt am 25/06/2010 um 21:23 | Permanent-Link

    I like the blurred flag, was that intented?
    I pretty sure Sundays Game Germany vs England will be a very tense one
    But i must admit i favor the Three Lions

  2. jamespxgretchen
    Erstellt am 25/06/2010 um 23:37 | Permanent-Link

    yes, this effect was intented. I made it with a “long” exposure time of 0,5 sec. I make a lot of pics that way (with a monopod), often at night. I like the motion on a frozen picture.

    I am corious about the game on sunday. germany played the first three games better than england. they are young and england is a very experienced team. and: they have rooney. he didn’t play well until now. not least robert showed us what he can do with the ball (and the opponent).

  3. Erstellt am 26/06/2010 um 12:04 | Permanent-Link

    what I see is a German team that CAN play really great football, but never has been able to show it for the whole 90 minutes.

    I furthermore see a team with concentration problems on their Cornerback and Fullback positions.

    And even though nobody is talking about this: I see a decent goalkeeper, but not a great one! He had a lot of luck (and a lot of Lahm) so far – otherwise he would be more in the focus of criticism by now!

    I’m really excited (and nervous) for the game to start … I keep all my fingers crossed but I have NO idea how this one will turn out.

    Oh, this was a foto blog? :D
    Can’t say anything but: great picture!!!

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