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paul is NOT dead I

maybe you heard the rumours that are going around about paul mccartney since the 60ies. they are known under “paul is dead”. some people think the true paul died and was replaced by a double. there are some things that underline this theory. look at some covers of the beatles, there are signs for his dead (for example the sgt. peppers cover). another “sign” is the music that paul maccartney made after the beatles area. really bad, not comparing to the genious work he did before. I think I have solved the riddle around his dead or not dead. YES, he was replaced through a double. NO, he is not dead. he got sick of all the beatles mania.so he decided to go where all “dead” rock stars and movie stars go: to the lonesome island where jimi hendrix, jim morrison, elvis, marylin monroe and later kurt cobain and tupac are living. because the name “paul maccartney” is too big and a selling machine, a double trys to keep the cash cow going on. sometimes the true paul is bored at the island. so he makes holidays in the real world. at the moment he is berlin (before two years I saw him in india and indonesia). I saw him when showing his honour to an other icon of culture – lukas podolski.

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    ;) be honest: it’s your personal world cup altar where you’re worshipping “Prince Poldi”.
    Sir Paul is your sacrifice to Ganesh, the Vuvuzela god.

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