Katharina Fösel 0706010

i sea you

Today is Guest Blog Tuesday featuring Katharina!

Thank you so much for your contribution! We’d love to see more of your work on this blog anytime soon!

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  1. vanf
    Erstellt am 07/07/2010 um 18:01 | Permanent-Link

    Great colors and I love the reflection on the eye

    btw your deviantart gallery is amazing!!

  2. Erstellt am 07/07/2010 um 20:45 | Permanent-Link

    thanx :) glad you like the dA gallery!

    the reflection comes from the roof window in my room.. it provides awesome natural lighting for portrait and all sorts of other shots :)

    in retrospect, I wish the focus point would have been a little different, but that’s the catch when doing self portraits anyways! ;-)

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