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(Unfortunately the wordpress theme scales down the image resulting in a loss of sharpness. For the fullres image click HERE.)

Originally I just wanted to try a light-setup for a possible film-noir-style shooting in the near future. Finally it turned out really nice, so I decided to give it a try.

But it’s still just part of the plannings for a short series I want to shoot within the next couple of month. I want to shoot 6 pictures telling a classic film-noir story. At the moment I’m sketching the storyboard and I’m trying several light setups.

Oh, and there’s more to it than that:
“Noir” made it to FRONTPAGE on flickr Explore!!!! For me that’s the very first time! WOHOOOOOOOOO! :D
Thank you so much everybody for faving and commenting my pics! It really means a lot to me and keeps myself motivated!

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  1. vanf
    Erstellt am 01/08/2010 um 15:58 | Permanent-Link

    You deserved the flickr stardom especialy the rain looks phenomenal and details are great too

    btw never thought you would make such a good Tom Waits lookalike :-)

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