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just another film noir scene

How do you like the mood in here? The “not knowing what’s going on but having a terrible idea what this COULD be about”. Being the unwanted observer. The one in danger – at least if you get caught ….

What should you do? Trying to catch a glimpse on the scene? OR JUST RUN FOR YOUR LIVE?!?!?!

Strobist Info:
bare SB 580EX II from behind the subject on full power
bare YN460 from behind the door on the left side to lighten the face and the axe

2 Kommentare

  1. Erstellt am 29/08/2010 um 11:04 | Permanent-Link

    must admit I would be the runaway type of guy!
    Especially your face expression would scare the shit out of me!

    Your noir pics are phenomenal!
    But what makes this one outstanding to me is the way your really composed a whole scene with such a strong atmosphere!!

    Keep it up can’t wait for your next noir scene!!!

  2. Alex
    Erstellt am 29/08/2010 um 16:14 | Permanent-Link

    I really really appreciate your kind words! Especially because I was not too sure whether I managed to convey the atmosphere.

    Thanky you!

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