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Can you feel it running through your veins?

Kind of a dramatic caption, huh? But hey – “Innsbruck at night (panorama)” sounds kinda boring, right? Nobody wants to waste his time with a plain postcard shot! Neither the viewer nor do I!

Have a look at the 3000res version (2,67MB) if you want.

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  1. Erstellt am 06/09/2010 um 00:57 | Permanent-Link

    it deserves the caption :-)

    thx for uploading the bigger version, in the small version a lot of the dramatic sky and the great colors gets lost!

    I guess that this are HDR-Images stitched together?
    If so than you did a fantastic job!

  2. Erstellt am 06/09/2010 um 10:23 | Permanent-Link

    I guess HDR is not the right expression one as I didn’t do exposure bracketing for this one.

    The “secret” was shooting during “blue hour”. The stitched OOC version (after playing around with contrasts) turned out to be like this:

    However, I DID use tonmapping with single-raw files for the final picture. Hence the notion “pseudo-HDR” might be something commonly heard for a techniqe like this.

    PS: the final image is 11.161 x 3570. The picture was made from 6 portscape shots

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