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I also tried a b/w conversion which  looked quite nice too but didn’t gave me that idyllic, gentle and kitschy atmosphere the alps are famous for.

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  1. Daniel Schwarz
    Erstellt am 09/09/2010 um 23:53 | Permanent-Link

    Unfortunately the hole Picture is a little bit too small for me to see all of the details…

    could it be, that the green trees are a little bit yellow? Was it your intention?

    But all together nice colors…the blue sky and the juicy green…

  2. Erstellt am 10/09/2010 um 09:37 | Permanent-Link

    i really like toning of this pic
    and the light is great

    Somehow I don’t like the frame…
    but maybe thats because the blende background is already white!

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