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I’m hungry…

This picture was shot today in a field with a lot of other tiny creatures… It’s amazing, how a spider can catch such a big bee – really impressive…

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  1. vanf
    Erstellt am 12/09/2010 um 15:02 | Permanent-Link

    Great Capture a bit disgusting but great!

    Did you use a tripod or do you have such steady hands?

  2. Daniel Schwarz
    Erstellt am 12/09/2010 um 19:01 | Permanent-Link

    Thanks. I focussed manually with Live View. Was really scary with 15x-Zoom. :-)

    No … I have a Non-IS-Objective – no way without a tripod. The only thing I don’t like, is that the flash is ON the cam. Think it would look better if the light comes from left or from below.

  3. Erstellt am 13/09/2010 um 12:18 | Permanent-Link

    It’s so fucking disgusting! I’m tempted to censor it ….

  4. Daniel Schwarz
    Erstellt am 13/09/2010 um 12:41 | Permanent-Link

    Hrhrhr… Ok. No spiders anymore :-)

    But beneath the disgusting point… What’s about the picture?

    • Erstellt am 14/09/2010 um 14:44 | Permanent-Link

      cannot say ANYTHING about the picture …. the 2 seconds glance I shot at it was not enough to come up with anything but disgustingness!!!

      (I even reply through the back-end of the website to avoid clicking the picture!!!!)

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