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“To infinity and beyond!”

My very first try in astro-photography. This was taken right outside on my balcony.

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  1. Daniel Schwarz
    Erstellt am 13/09/2010 um 21:18 | Permanent-Link

    Wtf… Is the violet colour original or made via PS? Nice but I’m missing some focus…

    • Erstellt am 14/09/2010 um 14:49 | Permanent-Link

      what you see is what you get! try it yourself – you can’t go wrong. It’s really just a part of the Milky Way!

      The lack of sharpness is due to 3 problems:
      a) Focusing on stars without live view mode (I don’t have one) is a pain in the ass
      b) 20seconds exposure is slightly too long for 17mm on crop cameras. (You can see some star trails at the corners of the picture)
      c) the toy camera I’m using generates an unbelievable amount of noise @ ISO 1600 (but you really need that sensitivity – ISO 3200 would be even better.)

  2. Erstellt am 15/09/2010 um 23:41 | Permanent-Link

    i like it!
    never thought one could take such images with a dslr
    could be a hubble telescope snapshot

    did the violet shimmer also came ooc?

    • Erstellt am 16/09/2010 um 12:23 | Permanent-Link

      well – the answer is “yes and no”.
      I did absolutely nothing to the colors except – and that’s where the “yes” part comes in – for increasing the lightness. But the violet tint was also visible in the OOC file. It’s amazing what a camera can see with high ISO settings!

      Next time the sky is that clear I want to look for a nice foreground too.

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