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Dandelion … Half – Half

One of my first tries with focus stacking in Photoshop. I’m not totally convinced about the result – think there were too many layers in it. But I like the lighting in the background – made with a LED-Flashlight (thanks to my brother :-))

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  1. Erstellt am 20/09/2010 um 09:17 | Permanent-Link

    you’re right the background looks great
    how many images did you merge?
    I’d love to see more details and contrast on the left side of the flower but maybe that’s on purpose

    but it is a very appealing image!

  2. Erstellt am 20/09/2010 um 09:55 | Permanent-Link

    The idea with the led-spot was fantastic but I wished it would’ve been placed a little bit deeper.

    But what I don’t understand is your camera settings:
    I guess you used a tripod (shutterspeed = 1/10). So there is no need for ISO 400 and you also would not necessarily had to use f/4,5. Why not going for f/16 for this one?

    Finally there would’ve been no need for focusstacking.

    Do I miss anything?

  3. danielsanx
    Erstellt am 20/09/2010 um 21:43 | Permanent-Link

    I merged about 5 Photos. The detail on the left is missing because of the not so great focus stacking…

    alex: with deeper you mean what exactly? the angle or the distance?

    To my camera settings: yes – i used my tripod. iso 400 is truely no need – but I love the lightroom noise reduction…no … not reduction: deleting… :-) And the f/4,5 was cause I wanted to try out the focus stacking itself.

    But as I said already: I’m not convinced about the result… unfortunately there are details missing.

    • Erstellt am 22/09/2010 um 14:02 | Permanent-Link

      by “deeper” I mean I would prefer the spot to be located a little bit more towards the center of the image.
      So I guess it’s “angle”. :)

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