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finally I brought myself to buy real good rechargeable batteries and a decent recharger, but I must admit the beautiful colors those things have nowadays also made my purchase decision easier.

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  1. daniel_schwarz
    Erstellt am 22/09/2010 um 13:43 | Permanent-Link

    Great batteries. They have low self-discharge and are great for things you don’t use everyday. Mine are a little just white. What charger do u have???

    Funny idea btw… Looks like an product foot directly from the sanyo-hp. No… Looks better. ;-)

    More at http://www.eneloop.info/products/batteries/eneloop-tones.html

  2. Erstellt am 22/09/2010 um 13:59 | Permanent-Link

    well done, perfect product shot.

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