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Today was a creative day… I tried out my first Little-Planet Photo. I can tell you it was really a challenge. The last few days I tried out some fotos, had always the problem in the middle: there was a hole (The ground is called Nadir).

How it was done:
1. Tripod and a Panorama-Scale (the degree-indicator)
2. 12 Shots with 45° to the ground
3. 12 Shots with 0°
4. 12 Shots with 45° to the sky
5. Corrected every Photo in Lightroom
6. Stitched them together via PTgui
7. Insert the Nadir-Picture manually via Photoshop
8. A litte bit more processing: colour, sharpening, etc.

I’m really glad about the result. One person on the hole little world…

hope you like it too…

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  1. Erstellt am 26/09/2010 um 18:36 | Permanent-Link

    nice one!
    reminds me of the little prince!

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