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As time goes by…

today I tried out some different looks with the Flash. I really need a transmitter because the flash ON the cam is definitely often not the best solution.

The different stages of wither is shown of the same something. Don’t know how that flower/thing is called. But I know that one of these costs 30 cent in shop. And I have a lot of them in my garden :-)

Not so happy today with the picture…I’ve tried my best…

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  1. Erstellt am 02/10/2010 um 12:42 | Permanent-Link

    They are called “physalis” (in English and German as well).

    Considering the fact that you don’t have the ability to take your flash off camera yet I think you did a good job! The light is not flat at all.

    Maybe I’m not too sure about the crop.

    Have you tried the same image on a black background? I guess the orange-red fruits would rock that way.

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