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Eat this, sucker!

Fun with alphabet soup!


Dr. Fenchelmann

Ever heard of Nabaztag (Armenian for “rabbit”)? In case you did not you really should check this out. He’s not just a real cutie but also fun and maybe even a little useful.

alles ist möglich - bamberg graffitis2


I was about to quote Journey’s “Don’t stop believing” in this context, just to find out that the lyrics make no sense to me …. How fitting! Life has always a little unexpected something prepared for you … (No, this blogpost makes no sense at … Read More


set my world on fire

Another stunning example of playing with bokeh …


tingling tip toes

Finally fall has arrived. The days are getting shorter, mornings tend to be misty and evenings rainy. And above all your girlfriend’s feet are getting colder! Be a good boyfriend and don’t pull away when they sneak under your blanket! She will be very grateful! … Read More


exile on MAIN-street*

What you see is a panorama shot of the river “Main”. I really wished one of those big container ships would’ve come out of the mist the moment I took the picture but – hey – you can’t always get what you want! The foggy … Read More


i sea you

Today is Guest Blog Tuesday featuring Katharina! Thank you so much for your contribution! We’d love to see more of your work on this blog anytime soon!


Frog King

Today we’re going to watch “Shrek Forever After 3D”. That’s why I spent the last three nights in a row trying to catch up with part I – III. I knew I wanted to shoot something with the dumb-looking frog when I spotted him on … Read More


burning man bavaria

They call it “Johannisfeuer”. I’m not really sure what they are celebrating but I was more into getting a spectacular shot of the bonfire anyway. The fire was about 6m high and I did catch some nice shots but finally this one was the one … Read More


*** + * ?

Another “Sommermärchen”? Last time on the train I met a guy from Indianapolis. “Once you make it to the play-offs, anything can happen”. Of course, he was talking about the US-boys but let’s see how this one turns out …