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exile on MAIN-street*

What you see is a panorama shot of the river “Main”. I really wished one of those big container ships would’ve come out of the mist the moment I took the picture but – hey – you can’t always get what you want! The foggy … Read More

... in evening mood

Just a hut…

my first picture for blende 3. nothing complicate – The foreground was lightened up with my new flash, think it makes the picture a little bit more interesting. Processed with Lightroom, have no Photoshop so far on my Mac. Hope you like it…

Round & Round It Goes!

Round & Round It Goes!

spiral stairs

spiral stairs



I could not resist – I just had to try another processing. And I want to share it with you. What do you think? Here is the b&w-version I showed earlier: Strobist info: Canon SB 580 II EX through umbrella from camera right bare Sony … Read More




tik tok

A simple but beautiful shot.


the nightwatchsessions 6

this project is still running …


50 cent from berlin

TEK records – an upcoming music label? I don’t know. I saw this guy rapping on the street for (t)his label. the audience followed him. maybe he was ill during his performance. I wore just a t-shirt and jeans on this day. he wore something … Read More


kreuzberg 2

the next pic from kreuzberg. generally I like the combination of graffitis or commercial banners and people. (this is again more or less a original pic and not much edited. the ps-problem is still there)