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Multistrobe-Fun in the dark with some cows on the left side (which you can’t see).

... in evening mood

Just a hut…

my first picture for blende 3. nothing complicate – The foreground was lightened up with my new flash, think it makes the picture a little bit more interesting. Processed with Lightroom, have no Photoshop so far on my Mac. Hope you like it…

IMG_9378 copy

You can. Canon

Today was another 50D-day. ¬†After using the Canon I’m always a little disappointed when I get back to my own cam …


available II

I got a little sick of setting up tons of speedlights before shooting. That’s why I was wondering whether it was possible to do some product shots with available light only. You can see the result above. Of course, those reflections make it impossible to … Read More