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marx would smile

I think marx would smile about this offensive and personal catching of people for the class fight. maybe he would also like the participation from  women and not only from men (mitbürgER)

fick euchM

statement of the day

nothing more to say

open when open and smiling ...M

kreuzberg 4 – about open and smiling things

several times  I came around here. one time it was open. through the opening time or better non-time, the book shop refuses a little bit the cooperation with capitalism. that’s typically for berlin or some places here. the graffiti is also very nice.


kreuzberg 2

the next pic from kreuzberg. generally I like the combination of graffitis or commercial banners and people. (this is again more or less a original pic and not much edited. the ps-problem is still there)

Out for a Run

Out for a Run

Allmost everytime when I go out for a run I pass this location. Its a underpass located in the heart of innsbruck next to the inn river. I associate this spot with many different memories and emotions when it comes to training. All my long … Read More

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