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fahrrad swM

the nightwatchsessions 7

an other one.   the shadow rider … upcoming: lomo pics.


the nightwatchsessions 6

this project is still running …


perfect couple

look at this harmony – the clothe from the left one and the socks from the right one


50 cent from berlin

TEK records – an upcoming music label? I don’t know. I saw this guy rapping on the street for (t)his label. the audience followed him. maybe he was ill during his performance. I wore just a t-shirt and jeans on this day. he wore something … Read More

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statement of the day

nothing more to say

justwatching omaM

just watching 2

same street like last time (oranienstraße/kreuzberg/berlin),  different age, different life


just watching 1

I have an eye on you …

other lonesome bootsBM

the nightwatchsessions 5

the last one (for a while). same night as last time. these boots are made for walking …


the nightwatch sessions 4

same idea, different night, different perspective … I think I am getting obsessed of catching living shadows with the camera :)

mit fahrradM

the nightwatch sessions 3

same same but different as “the nightwatch sessions 1 +2″ … living shadows