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greenish glow

greenish glow

Midnight bench


In the spotlight so clear

In the spotlight so clear

shouting at night is completely different than in daylight, sure something to retry every now and then

fahrrad swM

the nightwatchsessions 7

an other one.   the shadow rider … upcoming: lomo pics.


the nightwatchsessions 6

this project is still running …

other lonesome bootsBM

the nightwatchsessions 5

the last one (for a while). same night as last time. these boots are made for walking …


the nightwatch sessions 4

same idea, different night, different perspective … I think I am getting obsessed of catching living shadows with the camera :)


the nightwatch sessions 1

the ingredients: a rainy night in berlin/kreuzberg (not georgia), a view out of my window, long exposure time, changing lights through the traffic lights