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cool blue look

kind of blue


Whatever makes you happy.

Today we spend the afternoon with our godchildren. We went to a very small, family owned circus outside of town on a spring green grassland. After two hours of blast and luminous eyes this photo was taken.

the head

You may have noticed that those portraits where conceived to be part of a series. As there are 5 “Sons” there has to be a last portrait. It’s the portrait of the mastermind … It’s a self portrait. And “selfies” are always a little bit … Read More


baby beast

This is Matthias. He is by far the youngest member of the “Seventh Sons“. Nevertheless he is a beast on his bass. Really impressive!



This is Fred. He is a little frigthened by Power Rangers (… don’t ask …)

lumi_alterna copy


This is “Lumi”. Don’t ask where his name comes from – he doesn’t even know himself. “Lumi” is the drummer of the same┬áIron Maiden Tribute Band.


air raid sirene

It’s been a while since I upped my last picture. So take this as a new start and let’s hope I keep on track this time!


available …

Sometimes it doesn't need a lot of preparation!

spring scream 2

spring scream 2

strange and scary girlfriend



... at least for an hour ...