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Well, what should I tell you about this one: it is my comeback and to say it in the words of a quite famous band: I never stoped posting, I just took a 4 months vacation. Since it is a very busy time for me … Read More


Crazy Heads.

Another pic from my summer breeze evening walks: I really like the interaction of image and content.


Break Trough.

In these early summer nights when I am out for a walk with my wife @the Inn River I recognize how powerful nature can be even if we try to stop her.


Beautyful Spring.

Ok, since it seems like almost everyone is coming up with a flower photo these days I think I will break with that taboo as well for at least once and turn in my spring flower shoot today :-)


Natural Border.

When taking a hike trough the fields near Seefeld today we passed by a lot of this wooden fences which are splitting up the green grasslands. Most of these fences are very old so they look like they are supposed to be there ever since … Read More


Strawberry Fields Forever

Lately I grabbed out some old beatles stuff and stumbled across that song. Even I should let you know that the real Beatles expert in this blog is Alex, I like quite a lot of songs of this band. Well who doesn’t, right? Actually my … Read More



Ok, I guess I owe an explanation: the last days were that busy, I can’t find any words for that. Currently I have to do a lot of work for university so that there is hardly any time to produce some good pictures. So the … Read More


Bike Season!

Inspired by Alex’ picture yesterday, I also tried to do some kind of product shooting. Unfortunately I am not at Alex’ level but still I gave my self a chance. Since I started of my bike season 2010 today by setting up my MTB with … Read More



Today is carnivals day and to be honest: I hate that shit. It seems that almost everyone dresses up for that stupid habit. I went to finance office today when I was served by a double team of nuns. Yes, nuns. I am really not … Read More

Out for a Run

Out for a Run

Allmost everytime when I go out for a run I pass this location. Its a underpass located in the heart of innsbruck next to the inn river. I associate this spot with many different memories and emotions when it comes to training. All my long … Read More