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paul is NOT dead IV

I’m just a child of nature I don’t need much to set me free I’m just child of nature I’m one of nature’s children sorry for non-posting – I had no internet connection. this pic was taken at mauerpark/berlin.

long and dusty road

paul is NOT dead III – the long and dusty road

Still they lead me back to the long winding road You left me standing here a long long time ago Don’t leave me waiting here Lead me to your door. this lomo pic was taken with a fisheye.

party in red

party in red

lomo photography is difficult, especially at the beginning. for every mistake you pay for. the pic you see here is from the third film that I used. the first two were disasters. you really have to connect with your camera and you have to know … Read More


paul is NOT dead II

I did’t know that paul is a big basketball fan. I catched him while he was supporting a streetball game in berlin/mauerpark.


paul is NOT dead I

maybe you heard the rumours that are going around about paul mccartney since the 60ies. they are known under “paul is dead”. some people think the true paul died and was replaced by a double. there are some things that underline this theory. look at … Read More


public viewing 3 – deuuutschlaaand, deutschlaaand

1:0 over ghana – and berlin is transformed into a big party. what will happen if they beat england?

german hool

public viewing – german hool

sorry for my non publishing yesterday. today we have the 18th of june, but I publish this for the 17th of june. the pic was taken at the 18th of june. public viewing in germany (comparing to austria) is in every case more: more people, … Read More

fahrrad swM

the nightwatchsessions 7

an other one.   the shadow rider … upcoming: lomo pics.


the nightwatchsessions 6

this project is still running …


marx would smile

I think marx would smile about this offensive and personal catching of people for the class fight. maybe he would also like the participation from  women and not only from men (mitbürgER)