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perfect couple

look at this harmony – the clothe from the left one and the socks from the right one


50 cent from berlin

TEK records – an upcoming music label? I don’t know. I saw this guy rapping on the street for (t)his label. the audience followed him. maybe he was ill during his performance. I wore just a t-shirt and jeans on this day. he wore something … Read More


the nightwatch sessions 1

the ingredients: a rainy night in berlin/kreuzberg (not georgia), a view out of my window, long exposure time, changing lights through the traffic lights


kreuzberg 5 – blazing söllner?

I shot this voyeuristic pic at the paul lincke ufer in kreuzberg. what is this guy doing? his clothe fits perfectly in the environment that surrounds him and keeps him hidden for the things he wants to do. but what are these things?


kreuzberg 3

these pics were shot at paul-lincke-ufer in kreuzberg. the people sit there, do small talk, look at the spree, show themselves, have picknicks etc. I took the second pic from the opposite site with the biggest zoom I have. (and again:photoshop is still not working … Read More


kreuzberg 2

the next pic from kreuzberg. generally I like the combination of graffitis or commercial banners and people. (this is again more or less a original pic and not much edited. the ps-problem is still there)


degas impressions I

degas is one of my favourite painters. I like his colours and way to paint motions. this picture was inspired by him.

vito & books b-w M

the desk, the cat, the books

I broke THE taboo in photography – showing a cat. but I want to honor my cat vito for his support for my work on a paper for a scholarship.

stefan bw

self 4

a picture of my own

spring scream 2

spring scream 2

strange and scary girlfriend