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Multistrobe-Fun in the dark with some cows on the left side (which you can’t see).


let there be light


just another film noir scene

How do you like the mood in here? The “not knowing what’s going on but having a terrible idea what this COULD be about”. Being the unwanted observer. The one in danger – at least if you get caught …. What should you do? Trying … Read More


After Dark

This was planned to be part of a Vampire-related series . As you can see I didn’t follow my plans. Unfortunately the illusion of the police car did not turn out as planned so I was not able to add a great background. strobist info: … Read More


No reason to play it any way but my way.

(Unfortunately the wordpress theme scales down the image resulting in a loss of sharpness. For the fullres image click HERE.) After messing around with the film-noir/Max Payne theme lately I decided to try something in the style of “Sin City” this time. This time it was a … Read More



(Unfortunately the wordpress theme scales down the image resulting in a loss of sharpness. For the fullres image click HERE.) Originally I just wanted to try a light-setup for a possible film-noir-style shooting in the near future. Finally it turned out really nice, so I … Read More



He is by far my most favorite cartoon character! When I started off with this whole “Blende3″-thing I wanted to improve my strobist skills in the first place. Well, you may have noticed I didn’t focus on that very much, lately. That’s why  I decided … Read More


Like a Rainbow in the Dark

Today is a sad day in music history. Do your demons do they ever let you go RIP Ronnie James Dio Strobist Info: bare YN460 from left at 1/8 bare YN460 from right at 1/4

the head

You may have noticed that those portraits where conceived to be part of a series. As there are 5 “Sons” there has to be a last portrait. It’s the portrait of the mastermind … It’s a self portrait. And “selfies” are always a little bit … Read More


baby beast

This is Matthias. He is by far the youngest member of the “Seventh Sons“. Nevertheless he is a beast on his bass. Really impressive!